Coach P’s Overall Record

Coach P has a career record at Syracuse of 101-53-1 in 13 years. That is impressive, but when examined more closely, it may not be as impressive as it seems:

-62 out of Coach P’s 101 wins at Syracuse have been over teams that finished their seasons with non-winning records.

-Coach P is 10-29 against teams that finished their seasons ranked in the AP top 25.
He has been outscored in those 39 games by a combined margin of 1244-752.

-35 of those wins came from 1995-1998, the glory years of the program when Coach P had the luxury of Donovan McNabb at QB for 4 years. How many of those games did McNabb win for us single-handedly with his own natural playmaking ability, despite the coaching staff?

-Coach P went 20-4 in his first 2 seasons in 1991 and 1992 by inheriting an established program with Coach Mac’s players. Marvin Graves, Qadry Ismail, Chris Gedney, Shelby Hill, Dan Conley, Dwayne Joseph & several others were established players when P took over.

-Coach P is a very mediocre 33-27 over the last 5 years. SU has not gone to a bowl game 3 out of the last 4 years, and finished out of the top 25 4 out of the last 5.

The point, ladies and gentleman, is that your beloved coach has compiled just over 61% of his wins against the likes of Temple, Rutgers, East Carolina, Central Michigan, Buffalo, Tulane, Rhode Island, Cincinnati, etc. And remember, we actually lost to several of those teams over the years when we were heavy favorites. Coach P’s teams underachieved during the McNabb years, always losing a game or two per year due to coaching. Those teams were loaded, no reason the ’98 team shouldn’t have been 11-0 playing for a championship. And Coach P never had to rebuild a program, as West Virginia and Pitt did though the ‘90s.